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Sheila Young

Moving List

Things you may need to do before moving day…

  • Book the movers.
  • Arrange for house insurance.
  • Arrange to have utilities read the day of closing: e.g. natural gas, propane, oil, municipal water, and electricity. (do this about 2 weeks prior to closing date)
  • Arrange to have your name added/removed from the utility bills.
  • Arrange to have your name added/removed for any rental equipment: e.g. water heater, water softener, furnace, and security system.
  • Arrange to have your name added/removed for any services: e.g. telephone, cable, satellite, and internet provider.
  • Go to post office to arrange for changes and forwarding.
  • Collect items out for cleaning, repair or storage: e.g. dry cleaners, appliances, jewelry
  • Inform bank of address change.
  • Check for items in safety deposit boxes.
  • Arrange for transfer of medical, dental and optical records.
  • Change address for driver’s license, health card, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, credit cards, subscriptions
  • Make arrangements to move perishable items: e.g. plants.
  • Make arrangements to move pets.